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Acrylic Mimics
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Acrylic mimic diagrams offer a highly graphical, versatile and affordable alternative to the tiled mosaics system.
Acrylic mimics can be used in many environments to achieve the required visual effect, from HV line diagram mimics, to full process control over views with high graphic content.

Almost any component can be installed within an acrylic mimic panel. Switches, Meters, Indicators HMI's, Bar graphics can be installed with ease.

Breakage Resistance - Acrylic sheet has from 6 to 17 times greater impact resistance than ordinary glass in thicknesses of 3.2mm to 6.35mm. When subjected to blows beyond its resistance, acrylic sheet reduces the hazard of injury because it breaks into large relatively dull edged pieces which disperse at low velocity, due to the light weight of the material.

Chemical Resistance - Acrylic plastic has excellent resistance to most chemicals, including solutions of inorganic alkalis and acids such as ammonia and sulfuric acid, and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as hexane, octane and VM&P naphtha

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