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We are able to offer a service that is truly versatile. We have our own in-house CAD design department, which uses industry standard software like AutoCAD and Corel.

We communicate designs directly with out customers and design partners, allowing us to provide a service that is both swift and cost effective, keeping productivity to a maximum

We have a fully trained CAD team who have many years of experience in a range of different fields & industries.Each member of the design department have a compressive knowledge the various applications we use, this enables us to provide the customer with a service that is both tailored to their specific needs and offers all possible solutions to any challenge.

Our clients have confidence in our abilities to design from scratch using specifications, process & instrumentation diagrams or concept sketches.

Our primary design application is AutoCAD, which enables us to communicate with just about any other piece of design software. Our ISO 9001:2000 systems empower us to provide a professional, accountable design service with all the checks & measures in place to inspire confidence and reliability in our service.

Contelec a quality Engraving Company
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