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Control Panel Facias can be made from a variety of materials, which include Aluminium, Engraving laminate or Acrylic. Typically Control Panel Facias are used to simplify a cluttered & confusing panel. By adding lines & graphics it's easy to group switch & instrumentation so they can easily be identified.

Contelec have some of the most advanced engraving & milling machines in the industry, which allows us to manufacture Control panel facias up to 3m X 1.5m if required.

Typically we front engrave using tough engraving laminates. This is the most cost effective option. However we stock a wide range of materials such as rear engravable coloured materials, Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel & metal coated laminates.

Because Contelec has it's own in-house CAD design department, we are able to received electronic drawing files in many formats such as Autocad DWG, DXF, Corel and manu others. We then optimize the customers drawing for engraving purposes using our vast experience to improve or clarify the design which is then transferred to the CAM machines.

Contelec takes great pride in it's excellent reputation for providing a fast, professional & affordable engraving solution.

Contelec a quality Engraving Company
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