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Industrial engraving
Product Description
Tiled Mosaic Mimics Mosaic Mimics are made from 24 & 48mm polycarbonate tiles inserted into a grid matrix to build a modifiable mimic system that can be changed at any time with a minimum of fuss and no down time.
Acrylic Mimic Diagrams
Reverse Engraved & Printed
Usually a pictorial over view of a process or an automated system these are often highly graphical and can be a cost effective to the mosaic system
Anodised Aluminium - Fascias & Labels A super tough control panel facia with a variety of options for control gear or instrumentation, graphics & logos can be added to give a professional finished product.
Control Panel Fascias Control Panel Facias can be made from a variety of materials, which include Aluminium, Engraving laminate or Acrylic. Typically Control Panel Facias are used to simplify a cluttered & confusing panel. By adding lines & graphics it's easy to group switch & instrumentation so they can easily be identified.
Stainless Steel - Fascias & Labels Stainless steel is an extremely durable material. When it is engraved & infilled it proves to the toughest & most hard wearing material available.
Engraved Switch Plates & Sockets We engrave all kinds of switch plates from standard white plastic to curved polished stainless steel. Single gang & multi gang light switches, fuse spurs etc.
Engraved Labels & Legends Engraved labels can be manufactured from a many materials and usually prove the be the most cost effective option
Personnel Name Badges Name badges can be engraved with personal names & company logos etc.
Engraving Free Issue Components We have the facilities to engrave on any component, from sports car control instruments to aircraft ballast weights, If your product needs marking we can help.
Plaques Plaques can be engraved with text & graphics plastic, Brass, Aluminium or Stainless steel. We also provide hard wood plinths or mounts. We can provide your plaque on tile no matter what the deadline.
Scales & Dials engraved scales & dials are made to precise measurements from any material
Identifying Discs & Tags Engraved dog tags, tags, key rings & discs are a perfect way to identify things like padlocks, pipes cables tools & keys
Shrouding made from Polycarbonate, Acrylic & PVC We manufacture shrouding to protect operators against injury from moving parts & electricity. our shrouding can be made to detailed customer drawings and are robustly fabricated from materials such as low smoke & fume Polycarbonate or PVC
Busbar Supports & Stand off Insulators Stand off Insulators pillar and barrel type made from high quality insulation materials such as GPO3. We stock many different shapes & sizes in M6 to M12
Tactile Signs & Labels (Braille) All our Tactile & Braille signs conform to the disability discrimination act (DDA) specifications.
Architectural Nameplates & Doorplates Door Signs, Finger Plates, Room Marking for hospitals & Toilet signs. Manufactured to customers specifications and designs. Screen Printed, Engraved or Vinyl printed or cut on engraving laminates, Acrylic Perspex, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper or Wood.
Subsurface Photolabelling, Ano Printing
(Metal Photo)
Photolabelling, Ano Pronting or Metal Photo is a very tough form of printing on anodised aluminium. It is virtually un affected by chemical or heat and is an ideal option for harsh environments. Photo Labeling is often used for CE and serial plates as additional data can be engraved or stamped at a later date.
No Smoking Signs From July 1st 2007 it will be against the law to smoke in an enclosed work place or public building.
It is the duty of employers to ensure that no-smoking signs are prominently displayed.
Such signs should include the smoking symbol and state that is an offence to smoke or permit others to smoke in the premises
Vinyl Labels, Lettering, Logos & Signs

Vinyl graphics are an affordable way of adding fantastic graphics & logos to a sign. Thermal printed vainly labels are hard wearing and offer a perfect solution to many adhesive label requirements, No Smoking signs, Equipment Labeling, Safety stickers and logos are just a few products that suit printed labels
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