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The disability discrimination act (DDA) 1995 came into force in October 2004. Virtually every business and organisation is affected. Service providers now have to make "reasonable adjustments" for disabled people. This may involve the alterations to physical features and the adaptation of signage to braille and tactile (embossed) signs.

The braille transcript is complicated and although computer software is available to convert, literal translation may not be technically correct. Contelec have access to experts that can amend inappropriate language and stop the mistakes that computers introduce, particularly in dual language signs.

Contelec can advise if braille can be added to an existing sign, saving time and money. We can also arrange a site survey, advise on size, style, position, colour and maintenance, whether the signs are for information, direction, identification, fire, safety or mandatory.
Contelec can make your signs, clear, concise and consistent.

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